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Sexual Harassment Awareness Sessions

Keeping in view the provisions given under:

We provide special sessions on Sexual Harassment at Work Place(s), small or big. Sessions are not just about what is Sexual Harassment, but also on:

Harassment can be done in many ways and by both men and/or women. These can be broadly divided into the following groups:

  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. Discriminatory Harassment
  3. Racial Harassment
  4. Personal Harassment
  5. Criminal Harassment
  6. On-line Harassment

Discriminatory Harassment

Is an objectionable and unwelcome comment, conduct, display, communication in any form towards race, creed, color, ancestry, nationality, place of origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital or family status, mental or physical disability, religion, age, physical size or weight, receipt of public assistance.

Racial  Harassment

Understand that Race and Religion are two different things…

Race is division of human beings in regard to their physical characteristics. Like color of skin, facial features, height, hair, eyes etc. Like Blacks, Whites, Asian, Chinese etc.

On the other hand Religion is the division of human beings according to their beliefs and practices on a more spiritual level (more in terms of God). Like Hindu, Islam, Christian etc.

Racial harassment is unwelcome, objectionable behavior based on a person’s race, color, ancestry, nationality or place of origin. Racial harassment often converges with other forms of discriminatory harassment such as one’s religion. As with behavior of a sexual nature, a work or learning environment can become hostile, intimidating, demeaning, offensive by racialized behavior such as racial jokes, cartoons, slurs and epithets, racially-based nicknames, ridicule based on race-related characteristics or stereotypical characteristics etc.

Personal harassment

Some form of harassment are not based on Human Right norms, but are still considered as harassment. This form of harassment is often termed as Personal Harassment. It can also be termed as Bullying or Psychological Harassment. Acts such as bullying, abuse of authority, derogatory remarks towards an individual, ganging up, hostile behavior, threats, verbal abuse, loud angry outburst, malicious gossips etc. are some forms of Personal Harassment.

Criminal  Harassment

Criminal harassment is the technical term used for Stalking. Stalking is mostly regarded as an annoying behavior or conduct towards an individual, but may turn dangerous if left unchecked. An isolated incident may not be called Stalking, but if any individual unnecessarily over a period tries to contact you through calls, text, e-mails etc; follows you or your family/friends; watching you at home and/or office; sending unwanted gifts; calling constantly & disconnecting call when answered etc.

On-line harassment

Online Harassment or Cyber-Stalking or Online bullying are one and the same thing. It happens when an individual is being specifically attacked or targeted for reasons like attacker’s anger, revenge or control. Online harassment can be more dangerous & troubling than others. Vulgar hate mails or postings, fake profiles, fake photos etc. sent publicly can damage an individuals image, reputation and character for life.

sexual  Harassment

Sexual harassment one of the most common and widely faced issue since long. It is an unwanted behavior that is sexual in nature. It can be any thing ranging from a joke to a comment or a touch or even a touch. It can happen to anyone and is faced by both men and/or women. It’s just that women complaint about it more than men.